Michael Wallace

SciFi Author and Rogue Time Pirate

Want to be a Character

Do you want to be a character in one of my next books?

I spend way too much time thinking up the names of characters rather than just get on with the story. I’m not talking about the main characters so much as the hundreds of other characters in the book. People like the police detective who only appears for one or two chapters or the waitress who says something that triggers a realization in the mind of the protagonist or the friend who is always giving rides to the hero.

If you would like to be a character in a future book, all you have to do is go to my Facebook page and “Like” it. That’s it, no forms to fill out, no contests to enter. When I need a character, I will take the names of all the people who like my page and literally draw them out of a hat. If I choose your name, I’ll contact you first through Facebook to get your final approval.


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