Michael Wallace

SciFi Author and Rogue Time Pirate

Time Pirate

This book has not yet been picked up by a publisher. It will be a continuous series following the the adventures of Pirate Grant through time.

Time Pirate

“In the commonwealth of pirates, he who goes the greatest length of wickedness, is looked upon with a kind of envy amongst them, as a person of a most extraordinary gallantry: he is therefore entitled to be distinguished by some post, and if such a one has but courage, he must certainly be a great man”

-The Marine Research Society 1837-

In order to save the earth from an invasion by a superior army, the whiskey loving space pirate and spy, John Grant, embarks on a quest to keep this enemy force from obtaining a treasure he has guarded for thousands of years.  Wisdom and knowledge acquired from ten thousand years of time travel keeps him one step ahead of opposing armies and every known bounty hunter. The journey eventually faces him against the man he has chased throughout time and the universe. The man who killed the one woman he loved hundreds of years ago and now leads the invading force.

The pirate John Grant, bounces through time as the unwilling passenger of a Time Pilot. He finds himself placed in the center of historic and future events unaware the seemingly unrelated adventures will one day twist into the foundation of his final mission.


“I’m guessing that you two are the only one’s who know I am actually working for Space Defense.”


“I can’t believe you woke me up for this.”

Admiral Curran replied, “This is a grave situation. Probability of this mission succeeding is slim. You and your crew will most likely be killed. I suggest you take it seriously.”

Grant turned away from the window and walked over to the Commanders. He leaned on the metal table and stared Admiral Curran in the eye. With a slight smirk on his face he said, “The last time someone sent me on a suicide mission was fifty years ago. That person’s gone and I’m still here. Do you wanna to place a bet that I’ll be saying this same thing to your successor?”

The two Admirals remained silent. Grant broke the muteness when he told them what he required for the mission.

“I need a Titan-class warship and a crew of three hundred battle-trained soldiers. For weapons I need-“

Honsberger cleared his throat and interrupted. “Since the probability of returning to Earth is slim, it’s a purely voluntary mission. All of our soldiers with battle experience are fighting on the front lines; there were few men from which to choose.”

Grant asked, “How many crewmen will I have?”

“Five,” Honsberger told him.

“Five hundred?”

“No, five.”

“Battle experience?”

“They’ll surprise you.”

Grant shook his head, walked back to the window and glanced out at the stark landscape. He told them, “A great man once said, ‘Not only do you give me children to fight the dragon, but the children are not enough to fill the dragon’s belly’.”

Curran responded, “I’m not familiar with that quote.”

Grant continued to gaze out the window as if in deep memory of an event from long in his past. “The man who said it will not be born for another three hundred years.”

Grant turned around. “What will happen if I’m caught?”

Honsberger explained, “The Banda would most likely convict you as a spy and put you to death. I have no idea what the Anunnaki will do to you. We have minimal knowledge about them.”

Grant stared at the Admirals and said, “That’s not what I meant.”

Honsberger nervously responded, “If Space Defense captures you, you’ll be tried for Piracy and put to death.”

Grant replied, “At least I have something to look forward to.”

Curran asked in an angered voice, “Is this the type of attitude Officers had eighty years ago because it’s not acceptable in the current day ranks.”

Grant left the window and placed himself right in the Admiral’s face.

“I have been to your past and your future. I drank mead with Moses over three-thousand years before you were born. I traveled across the Dark Continent with Captain Burton. Edward Teach mentored me in battle strategy and the art of piracy. I’ve ventured so deep into the black, there have been times I couldn’t remember the color of Earth’s sky.”

Grant looked over at Honsberger, “I fought in the Battle of Bull Run in the War Between the States. A war so primitive they used exploding metal balls that tore the arms and legs off of men while they were still alive.”

He leaned back on the desk. “I marched with Taudd and unified a planet. I’ve fought in wars your great-grandchildren will witness. I’ve seen entire civilizations destroyed in the blink of an eye. I’m the only person from earth to ever wear the Honor of Corbet, which makes me a Corbet Knight. I’m one of only four beings ever to earn the Mark of Omar. Do you think this mission has much relevance compared to what I’ve already accomplished?”


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