Michael Wallace

SciFi Author and Rogue Time Pirate

The Red Fire Fly

The Red Fire Fly

It’s the story of a two guys and a girl, a briefcase full of money, a time machine, a salad spinner and a small red fly. You know, “that old story.”

When Bill woke up this morning, he expected the most exciting part of his weekend would be to mow the lawn. After meeting a complete stranger who claimed to be his be his best friend, he finds himself hiding in some bushes so he can steal a briefcase filled with money from a Senator and a Biker. As the police arrive, his wife announces she wants to have a baby. He came to the realization time travel can really change your whole day.

He traveled back in time to save the person he loved but it cost him the lives of everyone in his life. Friends who never knew him, an adventure that was not his, trapped in a world where he didn’t belong and it’s all because of one small red fly.

Available at Amazon.com


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