Michael Wallace

SciFi Author and Rogue Time Pirate

The Village of Dead Souls

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If you like zombies, and who doesn’t, then this is the book for you.

It has it all, undead, apocalypse, pirates, Samurai, whiskey, Vikings, coffee, and lots of flesh eating. It’s told with a steampunk  flare which is how it’s going to be after the uprising.

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Eternal Patrol

Eternal Patrol (Otherworlds Publications), is scheduled to hit the market in November 2011.

Ever since the Navy launched its first submarine it has kept a log of all their locations. It’s either in port or on patrol. If the sub fails to come back and its fate remains unknown, it is officially listed as “On Eternal Patrol.” But, what if 70 years later one of those missing subs came back? What if there sudden appearance is part of their mission?

For this book I researched every aspect of submarines and their operations. I found two subs still listed as “On Eternal Patrol” that disappeared under mysterious circumstances. These two boats and the events surrounding their disappearance are the backbone of this thriller adventure with a time travel twist and some espionage which spans seven decades.

When Marine Archeologist Dr. George Washington sets out on an expedition to find a sunken ship filled with lost Nazi gold, the last thing he expected was to be taken prisoner aboard a submarine and fight for his life decades before he was born.

With Eternal Patrol, I take you inside these submarines and you will feel like you are there with those men as they wait for the depth charges to pass by them. Share the tension with the crew as one of their own torpedoes goes rogue and comes back at them. You will discover right along with them, when you surface in the middle of the Pacific, it looks the same now as it did in 1944. Only you don’t know if the war is over or still waging and there is a ship approaching on the horizon.

Eternal Patrol Sample Chapters

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Coming November 2011